E3 Technology successfully develop hardware and software applications. Our team of software developers flexibly and quickly realizes both analog and digital customer–specific applications by using latest state–of–the–art simulation tools (e.g. Developer Suite, Matlab & Simulink). Development work shall either be effected on our premises or in situ.

Our development services comprise:

  • Software development (C++, C#, .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, LabView, Matlab)
  • Hardware-oriented software development with CodeComposer Studio
  • Hardware development (analog and digital electronics, power electronics, industrial electronics)
  • Method and modeling development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Embedded & DSP systems
  • Bus systems (CAN, MODBUS, Ethernet, USB, RS485)
  • μController in C/C++ and Assembler (8–, 16–, 32–bit, e.g. TI–DSP, M32C, ARM)
  • FPGA programming (e.g. Altera, Spartan, Cyclone–series)
  • Production of samples and prototypes (0–series)
  • Design of customer–specific test strategies and test arrangements
  • Circuit design (e.g. driving of power semiconductor)
  • Digital signal processing